Management of Gum Diseases

It is a reshaping procedure, which is used to regenerate and restore normal form and functions that are lost due to damaged periodontal structures that help in supporting the teeth. This includes restoring periodontal ligament, gum tissue and associated bone that provides support system. The main goal of this surgery is to provide enhancement in usefulness life expectancy by removing the unhealthy structure.

Periodontal Disease

X-rays are used to diagnose this disease. There will be a change in bone seen along with abnormal attachment of gingival tissues to the teeth. Clinically the healthcare provider will examine pockets and will diagnose the degree of attachment loss. In order to protect from further loss the healthcare provider will recommend some lifestyle changes which includes quitting smoking and maintaining appropriate hygiene program. It may also require proper and regular oral prophylaxis in every six months. Mostly it is a pain-less procedure but in few complicated cases medications are advised for few days.

Preventing Periodontal Disease

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, brushing daily twice along with removal of plaque and calculus by cleaning the teeth and maintaining oral hygiene are few steps by which one can prevent onset of periodontal disease. The most important being quitting smoking.

Surgical Procedures (Gum Grafting and Ridge Augmentation)

Uneven Gum line, exposed roots and gummy smile are few examples where periodontal surgeries are performed which can also improve smile and appearance.

Gummy smile means when the teeth crown look short and gums cover too much of the teeth. Gum surgery is performed wherein excessive gum tissues are removed so that the crown portion is visible. Next step involves contouring of gumline in order to improve the appearance and smile.

Other case involves wherein more of root portion is exposed. This makes tooth look long. Surgery is performed in order to correct the exposed roots. Firstly, surgical grafting is performed along with other procedures of root coverage. In order to give gums natural look and contour, ridge augmentation procedures are done.